24 Inch Bike For What Size Person: Ultimate Guide

A person who is 4’5″-4’9″ tall is likely to fit a 24-inch bike best. 24-inches bikes are best suited for kids, females, or short people.

Bike Size Chart For 24 Inch Bike

AgeInseam lengthHeightBike wheel size
2 to 3 years old15-18 inches36-39 inches12 inches
2 to 4 years old15-20 inches37-44 inches14 inches
4 to 6 years old16-22 inches41-48 inches16 inches
5 to 8 years old19-25 inches45-54 inches20 inches
8 to 10 years old23-28 inches49-59 inches24 inches
10 years old +25 inches+56 inches+26 inches
Size Chart: 24 Inch Bike For What Size Person

Download 24 Inch Bike Size Chart
Download 24 Inch Bike Size Chart

AgeWheel Size
2 to 3 years old12 inches
2 to 4 years old14 inches
4 to 6 years old16 inches
5 to 8 years old20 inches
8 to 10 years old24 inches
10 years old +26 inches
What Age Is A 24 Inch Bike For

HeightBike wheel size
36-39 inches12 inches
37-44 inches14 inches
41-48 inches16 inches
45-54 inches20 inches
49-59 inches24 inches
56 inches+26 inches
What Height Is A 24 Inch Bike For

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What Do We Mean by a 24 Inch Bike?

What Do We Mean by a 24 Inch Bike

A 24-inch bike is a bike that is 24 inches in diameter. This size is typically used for children and smaller adults. It provides a comfortable and stable ride that is perfect for commuting, errands, and recreation. This size also allows for easier riding on trails and sidewalks.

Who Will Fit to Ride a 24-inch Bike

  • For Women 
  • For Kids
  • For Adults (Size Matters)
  • For Safety
Women: Women have smaller hands and feet than males, as a result, a 24-inch bike is usually more comfortable to ride for them as the frame is built specifically for their body type.
Kids: Most kids don’t reach full growth until between 5 and 7 years old, so they will typically fit on a 24″ bike once they’ve reached that age.
Adults: Generally 26inch bike is the best option for adults, if adults’ size is not available and matches it with a 24inch according to the bike size chart then buy a 24inch bike.
Safety: It’s always important to ride according to safety guidelines. Always wear a helmet, protective clothing, and sensible shoes when riding a bike.

Is A 24 Inch Bike For Adults?

Is A 24 Inch Bike For Adults

A 24-inch bike is typically for children or smaller adults. However, if you are an adult and your size range is shown for 24 inches (according to bike size chart) bike then size 24-inch bike is for you. 24-inch bikes are not as wide as 26-inch bikes, making them more nimble and easier to handle on city streets.

Moreover, adult bikes in this size range are available and can provide a comfortable ride. It is important to consider your riding style and size when selecting a bike for an adult. Some factors that you should take into account include wheel size, frame type, height, weight range, and riding experience.

What Are the Features of a 24-inch Bike?

  1. Shorter Seat Tubes
  2. Narrow Handlebars
  3. Short Wheelbase
  4. Lightweight Frame
  5. Smaller Pedals 
Shorter Seat Tubes: The seat tubes on a 24-inch bike are shorter than those of a 26-inch bike, which makes them easier to get on and off. This is great for smaller riders or kids who don’t have very long legs.
Narrow Handlebars: The narrower handlebars make it easier for short people to grip the bar with their hands at the same height as their shoulders. They also provide better control while riding, making it easier to stay in line and avoid accidents.
Short Wheelbase: The short wheelbase on a 24-inch bike makes it nimble and easy to turn, making it perfect for kids or beginner riders.
Lightweight Frame: A lightweight frame is important because it means the bike is less likely to be affected by wind or other weather conditions. This can make riding more enjoyable, especially in breezy environments.
Small er Pedals: The smaller pedals on a 24-inch bike make it easier for kids to pedal, as they won’t have to worry about hitting their feet on the sides of the pedal wells.

How Can You Ensure You Get a Comfortable 24-Inch Adult Bike?

How Can You Ensure You Get a Comfortable 24-Inch Adult Bike

There are a few things that you can do to ensure you get a comfortable adult bike.

  1. It is important to size up for the frame type and wheel size of your bike.
  2. Make sure that your frame is sturdy and has quality components.
  3. Be sure to seat-seal the saddle – this will help reduce jolting while riding.
  4. Choose an appropriate handlebar height for your body type and riding experience.
  5. Use cycling clothing that fits well and takes into account weather conditions (elements).
  6. Always safety checks your bike before starting out for a ride.

How to Determine if a 24-inch Bike Fits You

  1. Rider Height and Weight
  2. Rider Inseam 
  3. Product Specifications (Manufacturer)
  4. Bike Size Charts
  5. Seat Tube Frame Measurement
  6. Top Tube Frame Measurement 
Height and Weight: To determine if a 24-inch bike is a right size for you, first measure your height and weight.
Inseam: Next, determine your inseam length. This is the distance from your crotch to the bottom of your leg below the knee (in inches).
Product Specifications: In order to find out if a 24-inch bike is the right size for you, it is also important to look at the product specifications. Some bikes have smaller or larger frames, so it is important to read the descriptions carefully before making your purchase. Contact with the manufacturer can also help you to verify the size of the bike that is right for you.
Bike Size Charts: Use a bike size chart to determine your correct bike size. This chart will list both the Height and Weight measurements as well as the inseam length so that you can find your correct product category. This will help determine if the bike is in the correct size range and also advise on the best brand and model for your height, weight, inseam length, and riding style.
Seat Tube Frame Measurement: The seat tube frame measurement is also important to determine if a 24-inch bike is the right fit. Even if you follow the bike size chart you should still check the seat tube frame measurement to make sure that you are getting the correct bike for your body type and size. The seat tube frame measurement is measured from top to bottom, from the center of the top bracket shell (toe piece) down to where it intersects with the saddle.
Top Tube Frame Measurement: Lastly, in order to determine if a 24-inch bike will fit you comfortably, it is important to measure the top tube frame measurement. This number can also be found on the product specs or on sizing charts like those found on Bike Size Charts.

What Bike Types Can You Get in 24-Inch Size?

There are a few bike types that come in 24-inch size, including road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers and hybrids. Each bike type has its own set of features and benefits for riders. So whether you’re looking for an all-around bike that can handle any terrain or want something specific for commuting or riding on trails, there’s a 24-inch size option for you.

There are 4 main types of 24-inch bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids and BMX bikes.

24 inch road bike

Kent Gzr700 - 24 inch Road Bike
Kent Gzr700 – 24 inch Road Bike

Road bikes are designed for riding on paved roads or bike paths. They typically have an upright frame with large tires that provide good traction. Most road bikes also include things like suspension and brakes to make riding more comfortable and safer.

24 inch mountain bike

Schwinn High Timber Youth 24 Inch Mountain Bike
Schwinn High Timber Youth 24 Inch Mountain Bike

Mountain bike frames are made for off-road use in mountain terrain. They often feature larger wheels that provide better travel and stability over tight turns, as well as front/rear suspension systems to handle rough patches of ground. Mountain bike riders often opt for bikepacking gear, which includes lightweight backpacks that allow them to carry food and water for long distances.

24 inch hybrid bike 

Dynacraft Alpine Eagle 24 inch hybrid bike
Dynacraft Alpine Eagle 24 inch hybrid bike

Hybrid bikes are a type of bike that is between a road bike and mountain bike. They offer the stability of a mountain bike frame, but the riding experience of a road bike. Hybrid bikes also typically include drivetrains from both road and mountain bikes- this means they can handle both pavement and dirt tracks equally well.

24 inch bmx bike 

Mongoose Legion 24 inch bmx bike 
Mongoose Legion 24 inch bmx bike 

BMX bikes are designed for kids aged 8-12 years old who want to learn about cycling in an affordable and fun way. BMX bikes typically have smaller frames and lightweight components that make them easy to ride. There are also a variety of 24-inch bikes for different types of riding that aren’t listed above. These include cruisers, commuters and hybrids for town riding, fat bike versions for off-road use, and children’s bikes for smaller riders.

24 inch kids bike

24 inch kids bike Folding Bike
24 inch kids bike Folding Bike

Children have bikes which can accommodate kids’ growing bodies. The kids’ bike is designed in such a way that it will not only fit the child, but also be extremely functional too. The kids’ bicycles are aimed at children who are taller than average and need to ride faster or for longer distances compared with other bikes of the same age group.

Can a Woman Ride a 24 Inch Bike?

Can a Woman Ride a 24 Inch Bike

Yes, a woman can ride 24-inch bikes. However, they will likely need to size up for the bike frame type and wheel size. Women often have smaller hands and feet so they might find smaller 24-inch bikes more comfortable to ride than standard 26-inch bikes.

Additionally, many women prefer riding in a saddle that is lower in front of the bike seat so that their weight rests closer to the pedals – this decreases riders’ chances of getting thrown off their bike during a crash. When choosing a bike for riding, always take into account your riding experience and size. Women often prefer bikes that are more nimble and easier to handle.

Here are the 5 tips for women riders who want to get a 24-inch bike

  1. Choose bike size according to height, not weight.
  2. Get a bike with quality components and a sturdy frame, especially for females that have smaller hands and feet.
  3. Make sure the seat is properly sewn in order to minimize jolting while riding.
  4. Consider getting a lightweight saddle or investing in good cycling clothing that fits well and wicks moisture away from the skin .
  5. Check for bike safety before riding.

How To Know If You Fit A 24-inch Bike or Not?

How To Know If You Fit A 24-inch Bike or Not

If you are in-between size 24 inch bikes, the best way to find out for sure is to try riding both types. After trying one type of bike for a while and getting used to its handling, you can then make a decision as to which bike is more comfortable for you.

If you are taller or have larger hands or feet than most people, the 26-inch frame size might be better suited for your needs. If you are relatively petite, 24-inch bikes might be more comfortable for riding.

Can you put 24 inch tires on a 20 inch bike?

No, 24 inch tires will not fit on a 20 inch bike frame. 24 inch tires are designed for bicycles with an frame size of at least 24 inches in size.

Generally speaking, you will need to use a tire that is larger than the bike’s frame. For example, if you have a 20 inch bike and you want to use 24 inch tires, you will need to buy a 24 inch bike.

Can i put 26 inch wheels on a 24 inch bike?

No, 26 inch wheels will not fit on a 24 inch bike frame. 26 inch wheels are designed for bicycles with an frame size of at least 26 inches in size.

But if your bike fame model is design for multiple wheel size then you can use smaller 24 inch bike wheel with 26 inch tires.


In this blog, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on the best 24 inch bikes for different size people. By following the tips and charts in this blog, you will be able to find the perfect bike for your size and height. So, don’t wait any longer and start shopping for your perfect 24 inch bike today!


What size person does a 24 inch bike fit?

A 24 inch bike typically fits people who are 8 to 10 years old or up to 5″ in height.

Is 24 inch bike good for what height?

Yes, 24 inch bike is good for people who are in between 4’5″ and 4’9″.

What age is a 24 inch bike for adults?

24 inch bike is typically for adults who are in between 8 and 10 years old.

Is a 24 inch bike big enough?

According to bike size chart if you are in between then yes, 24 inch bike size is good for you.

how big is a 24 inch mountain bike?

A 24 inch mountain bike size is typically equivalent to a size Medium in other bike types. Mountain bike sizes for kids range from size 24 inches up to size 26 inch.

what size is 20-inch bike frame?

A bike frame size of 20 inch typically corresponds to a size Small in other bike types.

When it comes to choosing the right bike size, it is important to take into account your height, weight, and riding style. To help you with the sizing process. Here are the the list of measurement you should keep in mind:

  • Rider Height
  • Rider Leg length
  • Arm length
  • Inseam
  • Torso length
  • Saddle height
  • Crankarm length
24 Inch Bike Size Guide
24 Inch Bike Size Guide

Rider Height: The height of the person riding the bike is important. Make sure to measure your height in order for us to provide you with a bike size that will fit comfortably.

Rider Leg length: This measurement refers to how long your legs are from crotch to ground. It is important because it dictates how comfortable and stable the bike will be for you while riding. If you have longer or shorter legs, we recommend selecting a size up or down, respectively, based on leg length preference. The measurement should be taken along with inseam and torso length when shopping for a bike size as they are all important in determining bike fit.

Arm length: The arm length of the rider is also essential for bike sizing. This measurement refers to the width of your shoulders and should be taken from the shoulder-width point down to the wrist bone when measuring. Again, if you have longer or shorter arms, we would recommend selecting a size up or down, respectively.

Inseam: This measurement refers to how long your inseam is-thickest part of your leg just below the knee. It’s important for bike fit because it affects crankarm length and saddle height.

Torso length: This measurement refers to the fullest part of your chest-just in front of your shoulder blades when standing relaxed. It’s important for bike fit because it impacts seat height and saddle angle.

Saddle height: This is the top of the saddle -measured from the floor to the top of the saddle post. It is important for bike fit because it impacts how comfortable you’ll feel when riding and affects your bike control.

Crankarm length: This is the distance from handlebar to crank arm-measured from the center of the bike frame to the end of the crank arm. It’s important for bike fit because it impacts saddle height and hand position on the handlebar.

Tips For 24 inch Bike riders
Tips For 24 inch Bike riders
  • Right fit: Make sure your bike size corresponds to your height, inseam and arm length.
  • Height range: If you are in-between sizes then choose the size that’s the closest.
  • Seat post: Try to find a bike with a seat post that’s in-line with your height-ideally about 24 cm (9.4 inch).
  • Clearance: when choosing a bike size, make sure the frame clearance is sufficient for your pedals-if in doubt, take a closer look at the frame size chart before buying.
  • Wheel diameter: 24 inch riders should size down for smaller wheel diameter-usually 26 inch or 700C.
  • longer handlebars: 24 inch bike riders often find that for a good fit they need longer handlebars-about 68 cm (26 inch).
  • Top tube: For a good fit, make sure the top tube length for 24 inch bike riders falls in-between size/

24 v 26 inch bike

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  1. Compared to men, women naturally possess smaller hands and feet. A 24 bike height is also built for smaller frames and body types, so these bikes are more comfortable to ride for women.

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