Best Aero Bars for Road Bikes

When you’re gritting your teeth and sweating through a workout, it’s not easy to forget that there’s a way to make things easier on yourself. So the best aero bars for road bikes can make your life so much easier.

Aero bars, also known as “clips on aero bars,” “triathlon aero bars,” or “tri bars,” are handlebar extensions that attach to the handlebar near the center and cantilever out over the front wheel. They allow you to lower your upper body and bring your arms in line with your torso to achieve a more aerodynamic position.

Aero bars are ideal for riders who have trouble maintaining balance while riding without them—they provide extra stability and security when needed.

However, they can be unsafe if used improperly or abused by inexperienced riders who don’t know how to properly use them safely.

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What is meant by aero bars for road bikes?

Aero bars for road bikes are a great way to make your bike faster and more aerodynamic. Most road bikes do not come with aero bars, so you might wonder what the difference is between aero bars and clip-on aero bars.

Aero bars are usually attached to the handlebars using clamps or bolts. They can also be mounted into an existing frame or fork on some bikes.

Clip-on aero bars are typically attached by clipping them onto the handlebar directly instead of mounting them onto the frame or fork of a bike. This makes them easier to install, but it does mean that you need different tools to remove them if you want to switch between bikes with different frames or forks.

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Uses of Aero Bars

  • Aero Bars speed you up

The benefit of installing aero bars on your road bike is that it lowers your upper body into a more aerodynamic position. You generate less drag, allowing you to travel faster with the same amount of effort.

  • Wide Variety of Aero Bar

You can select the one that suits you the best.

  • Cheaper than other options

Aero bars are relatively affordable compared to a pair of aero wheels, which can cost well over $1,000.

  • Aero Bars are Comfortable

Aero bars not only make us faster, but they also make us extra comfortable, notably over longer distances.

  • Installation of Aero Bars is easy

Aero bars are effortless to install.

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How to select a good aero bar for a road bikes

When considering the use of aero bars, there are numerous factors to consider. One thing to see is how long the benefits would last.

Selecting the right aero bar for your road bike is your most important investment. It will help you shave off seconds from your time on the road, which can be the difference between finishing first and second.

An adequately fitted bullhorn bar and stem combination will be significantly lower than drop-style bars. The aero bars you choose should have an extra height on top of the point where they clamp on.

The best way to choose an aero bar is to determine what kind of riding you do most often. A drop bar and stem combination may be right for you if it’s downhill or cross-country racing. If it’s more flat-out climbing, an aero bar with extra height might be best.

There are numerous one-piece combination bullhorn/aero bar units on the market, and they come in various styles, sizes, and price points. Before purchasing a new aero bar system for your road bike, you want to ensure it will work with your current frame.

Best Aerobars 

Sonic Ergo 4525a Aerobar 

Profile Design takes another giant step forward with the Sonic/Ergo/4525a. The new aero bar extension increases rider comfort and provides a significant improvement in fit range, allowing you to fine-tune your grip width. In addition, Ergo armrests and pads provide additional support and comfort for both the arms and the back of the neck. The initial section of the 400mm long 4525a extensions is angled at 45 degrees, while the grip portion is angled at 25 degrees. Furthermore, the extensions have a 7.5mm shift per side, allowing for finer tuning of the grip width.

Product Features 

  • Brand Name ‎Profile Designs
  • Warranty Description ‎Two Year, Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Model Name ‎Sonic/Ergo/4525a Aerobar
  • Color ‎Black
  • Material ‎Aluminum
  • Suggested Users ‎unisex-adult
Reasons to buy
  • Comfortable to hold on to
  • Easy to attach to the bike
  • Gives a great look to the bike
  • budget-friendly
Reasons to avoid
  • A little on the bulky side

Product Reviews 

Final Verdict 

It is a great product for experienced road bikers. It might take some time to adjust to the change. Overall it is one of the top-rated Aerobars on Amazon. 

Profile Designs Sonic/Ergo/35A Aerobar

The Sonic/Ergo is designed to have a minimal frontal area. The extension length can be adjusted by simply moving the armrests—you can achieve 100 different positions by doing so. When paired with risers, this bar has a total of 1500 possible configurations.

As a clip-on bar, the extension width and tilt can be easily adjusted. This is the market’s most adjustable clip-on bar. It has a significant advancement in allowing riders to precisely adjust their position with our new generation aero bars.

Product Features 

  • Country of Origin ‎Taiwan
  • Item model number ‎RHSNC1
  • Is discontinued by Manufacturer ‎No
  • Color ‎Black
  • Material ‎Aluminum
Reasons to buy
  • Light-weight 
  • Easy to install 
  • Adjustable length 
  • Sturdy built 
Reasons to avoid
  • Takes time to get used to

Product Reviews 

Final Verdict 

The Sonic/Ergo is designed to have a small frontal area in order to generate as little aerodynamic drag as possible. The main purpose of an aero bar is to get the rider in a faster position, and despite its relatively minimalistic looks, the Sonic/Ergo offers a comprehensive fit range for just that.

Vision Team Mini TT Handlebar, 170mm

The mini TT handlebar is an extension made in butted alloy and UCI-approved. It features a 3:1 bridge with a refined CFD design and 6-position ergonomic angular armrests in one size O31.8 mm. It comes with an anodized black finish.

Product Features 

  • Item Weight ‎1.25 Pounds
  • Brand Name ‎Vision
  • Color ‎Black
  • Suggested Users ‎unisex
  • Number of Items ‎1
  • Manufacturer ‎Vision Motor Sports Inc.
Reasons to buy
  • Extra lightweight 
  • Comes with butted Alloy extensions
  • 6-positions 
  • Angular arm rest 
Reasons to avoid
  • Too short for some people

Product Reviews 

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for a quality product that’s easy to install, has a sleek design, and offers good performance on the road, this is definitely worth checking out. 

Profile Design Flip/Ergo/50a Aerobar, Black, One Size

The Profile Design Flip/Ergo/50a Aerobar has been cyclists’ favorite for over 20 years. With ergonomic adjustments, including the Ergo armrest and dual-offset design, it’s suitable for most riders and makes it easy to change positions.

The flip-up design means you can easily adjust the position of your aero bar, too. Great for riders who want to maximize their positions, this is an ergonomically designed aero bar with a dual-offset design that makes it easy to change positions while riding.

Product Features 

  • Brand Name ‎Profile Designs
  • Warranty Description ‎2-year manufacturer
  • Model Name ‎Flip/Ergo/50a
  • Color ‎Black
  • Material ‎Aluminum
  • Suggested Users ‎unisex-adult
Reasons to buy
  • Affordable option
  • Easy to attach
  • Comes with armrest extension
  • 10mm pads
  • New and improved design
Reasons to avoid
  • Hard to attach gear levers to it

Product Reviews 

Final Verdict 

The Ergo armrest lets you adjust the position of your elbow with extreme precision, so you can get comfortable and avoid painful pressure points. This is the reason why people want aero bars, to be comfortable and to avoid pain while riding a bike. This aero handle is one of the best ones.

Supersonic Ergo 35c Aerobar

The Supersonic/Ergo range is made with an angled bend shape that facilitates a slightly turned-down wrist position to create a streamlined hand position. The Supersonic (J5) bracket includes a 10mm pad, while the Ergo w/10mm pad features a 124mm to 290mm armrest width in 18. 5mm steps (with Extensions at 100mm). The lightweight design weighs 673g.

Product Features 

  • Brand Name ‎Profile Designs
  • Warranty Description ‎2 Year manufacturer
  • Model Name ‎Supersonic Ergo 35c
  • Color ‎Matte Black
  • Material ‎Carbon Fiber
  • Suggested Users ‎unisex-adult
Reasons to buy
  • Very convenient hand positioning
  • Armrest pad, 10 mm
  • Comes with armrest extension
  • Awesome built quality 
Reasons to avoid
  • It weighs over 500g

Product Reviews 

Final Verdict 

The Supersonic Ergo 35c Aerobar is a truly revolutionary product that brings together the best of both worlds: high-end aero bars and innovative clip-on brackets. 

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Expert Opinion 

As per our experts opinion Thomas. M Howard aero bars are the way to go if you want to improve your speed on the road. They’re easy to add to most road bikes and can be removed at any time. Most specialty clip-on aero bars are bolted on, so you don’t have to worry about removing them whenever you want to replace your bike’s handlebar tape.


Aerobars are the perfect solution for riders who want to enjoy long rides but don’t want to push their bodies too hard. They’re also great for those looking to try out time trials and other types of races but don’t have the budget or space for a full-on race bike.

If you’re interested in trying these new types of riding, we recommend taking some time to learn how to use them properly before you hit the road!

Why are Aero Bars not allowed?

They are not found to be safe when riders are racing close together – a slight tumble could result in a major takedown. They’re also not great for cornering. As a result, except in triathlons and time trials, in which riders are mostly spread out and riding fairly straight courses, they are illegal in most events.

Are Aero bars good for long rides?

Aero bars are great for long rides because they provide a completely new riding position that is ideal for long days on the bike’s saddle. You’ll reduce strain on your wrists, hands, and arms by having your elbows and humerus (arm bone) support the majority of your upper body weight.

How do you put Aerobars on a road bike?

Here are six simple steps that will help you put Aerobars on your road bike like a professional.
Set up the handlebars
Grease the tri-bar bolts to ensure a smooth installation.
Gently tighten the Allen bolts once they’re in place.
Adjust the position of the elbow pads to adjust the width and reach of the bars.
Fit the second bar similarly to the first.
Examine the bars from the side. Make sure they’re both in line with the ground.

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