5 Best Bikes For 400 Lbs Man: Reviews & Buying Guide In 2022

A 400 lbs man needs a bike that is specially designed for his weight. There are many bikes that fit this description, but getting the right fit can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss five of the top bikes available on the market today. Each one of these bikes has been designed with larger riders in mind, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product when purchasing one.

Bikes For 400 Lbs Man

5 Best Bikes For 400 Lbs Man In 2022

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top 3 Picks (Weight Capacity Up To 400lbs)

Image Name Details   Price
Mongoose Dolomite Mens Mountain Bike bicycleer.com Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike Frame: Steel
Weight: 48 pounds
Speed: 7 Speed
Brake: Duel Disc
Get Details
Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Bike Frame: Steel
Weight: 38 pounds
Speed: 8 Speed
Brake: Duel Disc.
Check Price
krusher mens bike Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike Color ; Blue/Black/Red
Wheel Size ; 26 Inches
Frame Material ; Steel
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Here’s some basic but important information you might want to know before moving into the Review Section.

How Can Large People Benefit From Heavy Duty Bikes?

When you ride a heavy duty bike, your body gets the full workout that it needs. This means that your muscles will get stronger and more toned over time. 

Additionally, because these bikes are specifically designed for larger riders, they are much more stable than average bikes. 

This makes them perfect for people who have trouble keeping their balance on regular bicycles or those who want to travel longer distances without feeling exhausted.

So, who manufactures the best bike for big guys like 400 Lbs or 300Lbs Man?

Best Brands For Heavy-Duty Bike

There are a few different brands that make bikes specifically for large riders, but our favorite is definitely Mongoose Bicycles. They have many models of heavy-duty bikes to choose from, and they all come with features like reinforced frames and sturdy suspensions.

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Mongoose bikes are the best brands for big guys as they are the top brands in the market. The best part of Mongoose is that you can get your bike easily at a reasonable price and great quality to a solid bike for those that are 400 lbs. You will not compromise on performance with this brand when it comes to mountain biking.

If you’re looking for the best bike for 400 Lbs Man reviews in 2022, then Mongoose will be your best option.

Different Types Of Bikes For Large People

MTB, Road, and BMX are some of the many distinct bike options available. The question remains whether big guys have the option to ride these types of bikes or not. In general, mountain and road bikes are designed for smooth terrain while BMX is all about tricks and stunts.

The answer is yes, if you are over 300Lbs or 400Lbs and you like cycling, you should go for the bike for 400lb man which is specially designed for people with 400 lbs. You can experience various types of bicycles for your leisure time. The same goes for Recreational and fitness bikes. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors that cater to everyone’s needs.

We conducted some research on the web and found out that four different types of bicycles are popular among big guys. These are:

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NameBest Manufacturer
Mountain Bike For 400 LbsMongoose Hitch
Fat Bike For 400 Lbs ManMongoose Dolomite
Road Bicycle For Over 400 LbsSchwinn
Cruiser Bikes also has 400Lb weightsixthreezero
Hybrid Bikes For Over 400 LbsSchwinn & sixthreezero
Different Types Of Bikes For Large People

Bikes For 400 Lbs Man Detail Reviews:

1. Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Product SpecsInfo
weight48 pounds
Wheel size17-Inch/Medium
Gear7 Speed
Brake StyleDisc

The mongoose dolomite weight limit is over 400 lbs and is a solid bike. The bike has a steel frame, which makes it strong and durable. The bike also has 26-inch wheels, which gives you plenty of grip and stability.

These bikes for 400 lbs are durable due to their robust frame and wheels. The front & rear disc brakes boost the safety of the rider more than ever. The Mongoose Dolomite is also made to last.

The tires are also special because they are designed to provide good traction on snow or mud. The Mongoose Dolomite is a great option for those that want an all-around bike that can handle a variety of terrain.

2. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Product SpecsInfo
weight17 Kilograms
Wheel size26 Inches
Gear7 Speed
Brake StyleDisc

Another best mountain bike for over 400 lbs is the Mongoose Malus. It’s a full-suspension bike that comes with a big 26-inch wheelset and 7 speed limit.

The wheels are knobby 4-inch with max weight limit upto 400lbs. The Mongoose Malus is a good choice for those that need a durable, all-around bike that can handle a variety of terrains. It’s also available in various colors and sizes to fit any rider’s needs.

3. Mongoose Hitch Mens All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Hitch Mens All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Product SpecsInfo
Wheel Size26 Inches
Speed7 Speed
BrakeDisc Brakes
Tire4 1/4″ knobby tires
Weight55 Pounds

Mongoose hitch mens all terrain mountain bike is a good option for a beginner rider who wants to explore the beauty of nature while riding a fat bike. It is a great way to have fun in a safe manner. The bike is equipped with 7 speed drivetrain that gives you the ability to ride with ease.

It also comes with a front and rear disc brakes that provide extra braking power in case of emergencies. The wide tires are also included in this bike which makes it suitable for off-road terrains as well

4. Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike

Product SpecsInfo
weight55 Pounds
FrameCarbon Steel
Wheel size26 Inches
Brake StyleDouble Disc Brake

Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike is a great bike for adults, who like to have fun on the road. It is equipped with an efficient 21 speed Shimano Deore Shimano drivetrain and 26 inch alloy wheels.

1. Efficient Drivetrain – The efficient drivetrain is what makes this bike so special. You can reach up to 21 speeds, depending on your riding style and terrain.

2. COMFORTABLE RIDE – The 26 inch wheels are perfect for the riders who want to have a comfortable ride on their road bike.

3. DOUBLE DISC BRAKE – The double disc brake provides you with excellent stopping power in all weather conditions.

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5. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Product SpecsInfo
Weight73 Pounds
Speed1 Speed

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle is an ideal adult tricycle for beginners to learn balance and coordination.

With its easy step-through frame and large wheels, you can get the feel of a real bike without the hassle of learning to ride. Plus, the Schwinn adult tricycle is built to last, with sturdy construction and Aluminum  frame materials.

Buying Guide: Bikes For 400 Lbs Man

Bikes For 400 Lbs Man Buying Guide

The maximum bicycle weight limit of 400 lbs is determined by the frame material, wheel size, and frame design. A bike with lighter materials will be lighter than one with heavier materials.

For example, if you choose a carbon fiber frame, the bike will be much lighter than a steel frame. Some frames designed for heavier riders are able to accommodate up to 450 lbs. with significant modifications (extensions, thicker forks and seatposts).

For heavy riders it is important to get bikes with good suspension and brakes. It is also important that the bike has sturdy frames and gears so you don’t have to pedal as hard. You want a bike that will hold up over time, whether you are using it daily or occasionally. It may be worth spending a little more on a quality bicycle than one that is cheap.

Here are the few other things an individual may want to consider when buying a bike for 400lb man:

  • Check the frame weight and type
  • Consider the size of your wheels
  • Pedals that are strong enough to handle added weight and torque from larger wheels
  • Look for a saddle that is comfortable and has good padding

Frame weight and type: Strong Frame

Strong Frame
Strong Frame

A heavier frame will be more stable than a lighter one. You might also prefer a heavier frame if you plan on using the bike for transportation, as it will be less likely to become unstable with added weight.

A Fat mountain bike is an excellent option if you are looking for something that can handle lots of terrain and weight.

Wheel size

Bigger wheels are better suited to carrying bigger loads because they have more momentum. The downside is that they can be harder to control on

rougher roads. If you only plan on using your bike for leisure activities or commuting, consider choosing a smaller wheel size. Most important to check that is fit with your size and weight.


You will need pedals that are strong enough to handle the added weight and torque from the larger wheels. Look for models with thick frames and metal/ alloy parts so they can withstand significant abuse.

A comfortable saddle will make long rides more enjoyable. Look for saddles that have a well- padded seat and padding on the backrest to keep you firmly in place.


If you are using your bike for transportation, it is important to have good suspension. A good option includes shocks or a Boost hub that will offer more cushioning and control when hitting bumps in the road.

Most Fat bikes and Harvey duty bikes come with a suspension system to make them ideal for heavier loads.


Most Fat bikes come with adjustable handlebars to make them suitable for a variety of riders. Look for models that have comfortable grips and a nice width range to suit different body types. Brakes

Make sure your bike has powerful brakes to stop on a dime when needed. Fat bikes are heavier and can travel much faster than other types of bicycles, so you’ll want to make sure they stop quickly in any situation.

Aluminum frame vs Steel Frame

The biggest difference between aluminum and steel frames is that aluminum is lighter. However, both materials have their pros and cons.

Aluminum frames are generally lighter than steel, making them more nimble and easier to move around. They can also be a little cheaper to buy outright, but they may not last as long due to their susceptibility to corrosion.

On the other hand, steel frames are much stronger than aluminum and can withstand greater abuse without succumbing. They’re also relatively expensive upfront, but they often last longer due to their durability factor.

So for heavy guys If you are over 350 lbs we recommend going with a steel frame fat bike. If your weight is between 150-250lbs an aluminum frame will be just fine.

Do Bicycles Have a Weight Limit? 

Do Bicycles Have a Weight Limit 

Yes, Every bike frame comes with a certain weight limit . Typically, mountain bikes and downhill bike frames have a weight limit of around 300 lbs. All-mountain bikes can go up to 350 lbs with heavier parts, and road bikes typically come in at around 200-250lbs.

So, if you are more than 350lbs then don’t just buy a bike by its look! You need to check the weight capacity of the bike frame before you decide to buy it. If a bike falls within your desired size and height but has a weight limit of 300lbs, then you will have to upgrade the frame.

Can a 400-pound man ride a bike?

Can a 400 pound man ride a bike

Yes, a 400 pound man can ride a bike. However, it is important to start slowly and gradually increase your workload over time. If you are not used to riding a bike, it may be best to consult with a professional before starting.

It’s important to choose the correct bike (We recommend the fat tires bike ) so that it can carry your weight.

What bike can hold 400 lbs?

What bike can hold 400 lbs

Most Fat bikes can hold 400lbs, Fat bikes are the perfect bike for people who want to add a bit of extra weight but don’t want to sacrifice performance. They’re also versatile enough that you can use them for all types of terrain, including roads and trails.

Another option is to have a custom-made frame that can carry 400 lbs. You can either choose from an online shop or go to a bicycle store to consult with an expert and find the perfect bike for your weight.

If you want to be quick and don’t have time to check all of this, we suggest getting a fat bike or any of the five bikes we mentioned earlier.

Is cycling good for obese?

Is cycling good for obese

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the benefits of cycling for obese people will vary depending on their weight and fitness level. Generally speaking, cycling can be a great way to improve your health and fitness, and it can also help you lose weight.

For obese people who are relatively fit, cycling can provide an excellent cardiovascular workout that will help to improve your endurance and aerobic capacity. In addition, cycling can also help to reduce fat storage in the abdominal area and lower cholesterol levels.

However, it is important to note that cycling should not be used as a replacement for exercise that is specifically designed to target the obesity problem. Rather, cycling should be part of a comprehensive program that includes regular exercise sessions in addition to eating a healthy diet.

Which bicycle is best for overweight man?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best bicycle for an overweight man will vary depending on his weight, height, and riding style.

However, some general tips that may help include choosing a bike with a higher seat height and/or larger frame size. Additionally, make sure to select a bike that is comfortable to ride and fits your riding style (e.g. upright or cruiser).

As we said earlier Fat bikes come with great frames that can hold 400lbs. You must choose the perfect frame that can carry the weight as an overweight man’s bike, so it’s important to check the weight limit.


Have you ever wondered how people manage to ride such heavy bikes? It can be quite a challenge, but there are some who have managed to find the perfect balance between weight and power. If you’ve ever wanted to take up cycling, this is your chance!

We have reviewed five different bikes for 400 lbs man and made sure that they would work well for those who are heavier than average.We recommend choosing a bike with a sturdy frame that can hold your weight. And, of course, make sure you are properly trained before hitting the road.


What is a good bike for a 400 pound person?

For a 400 Pound Person Fat Bike is the best option. It can hold the weight and provides a great workout for your body too.

Can an obese person ride a bike?

Yes, an obese person can ride a bike, but it is important to consult with a physician before starting to cycle as many obesity-related health issues exist that need attention.

How Heavy Is One Too Heavy To Ride a Bike?

The heaviest person that should ever attempt to ride a bike is 400 pounds. But you can always get your custom bike made to fit your specific weight.


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