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  1. A bike frame can be a key factor in whether or not your bike wins a race. So should I use an aluminum or steel chassis?

    1. Aluminum bike frames are lighter and more corrosion resistant than steel, but they absorb shocks from potholes poorly. Steel bike frames are heavier, but they can better handle bumps in the road. So it may depend on your ride style if you want to go with aluminum or steel for a chassis.

      1. Thanks. I think the steel frame can be scratched, dented, even bent, but it always keeps the structure intact without worry. In terms of performance, I can say that aluminum is better. It does not rust and is cheaper than steel frames. Aluminum bike frames also help you ride faster. However, it is difficult to repair a steel bicycle frame.

        1. Exactly. Steel frames are more durable, but aluminum is better for performance. I think it really depends on what you’re looking for in a bike. Thanks for your input!

  2. What is the benefit to having an aluminum frame instead of a steel frame? Which one to get for a mid range mountain bike for beginners. I need it for trails as well as for commute.

    1. Answer: Aluminum frames are usually lighter, more responsive, and stiffer than their steel counterparts. They also have better damping characteristics than steel which can translate into better performance in certain weather conditions (e.g., when the bike is blown around by side winds).

      Some recent studies show that an aluminum frame might be less durable than its steel counterpart due to the weaker material. There is also still debate over whether or not this difference in durability translates into a difference in safety since most bicycle accidents happen at low speeds – both for car drivers and cyclists. Nevertheless, having an aluminum bike offers several advantages over its heavier cousin so it’s one of favorite choices among competitive riders especially in individual time trials where every gram counts towards the final result.

  3. Thanks. Aluminum bike frames are indeed better for mountain bikes, and are also light than steel bikes. But for the city commute I prefer steel frames as they are easy to maintain, repair and smooth to ride. You can easily fix your steel bike if damaged than aluminum bike.

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