A road bike is a perfect choice for riders who are looking to explore new terrain and enjoy a challenging ride. Road bikes come in a variety of sizes. Most road bikes range in size from 49cm to 58cm in width, and 11 cm to 14 cm in height. The majority of these bikes also come in two-wheel sizes- 700c or 26 inches. Here is the road bike size chart: 

Rider Size (Feet )Reider Size (cm)Road Bike SizeRoad Bike Size (cm)
4′ 10″ – 5 ‘0″148 – 152XXS47 – 48
5′ 0 “- 5′ 3”152 – 160XS49 – 50
5′ 3″ – 5′ 6″160 – 168S51 – 52 – 53
5 6″ – 5′ 9″168 – 175M54 – 55
5′ 9″ – 6′ 0″175 – 183L56 – 57 – 58
6′ 0″ – 6′ 3″183 – 191XL58 – 59 – 60
6′ 3″ – 6′ 6″191 – 198XXL61 – 62 – 63
Road Bike Size Chart
Road Bike Size Chart

Road bike geometry: what to look for

when buying a new road bike

  1. Look at the Frame Shape and Sizing of the Bike.
  2. Check the Head Tube Angle (HTA).
  3. Check the Reach.
  4. Check the Bottom Bracket Drop.
  5. Check the BB Height.
  6. Check the Seatpost Length.
  7. Check the Chainstay Length.
  8. Check the Top Tube Length.

Road bike geometry: what does it affect?

  1. Saddle Height.
  2. Seat Tube Length.
  3. Head Angle.
  4. Reach.
  5. Center of Gravity (CG).
  6. Top tube length.
  7. Bottom bracket height.
  8. Chainstay length.

The road bike geometry affects how fast you go, where you sit, and how comfortable you feel while riding. There are two types of bikes: racing bikes and touring bikes. Racing bikes are designed for speed, whereas touring bikes are built for comfort.

If you want to ride faster, then you should choose a racing bike. However, if you want to be able to ride longer distances comfortably, then you should choose the touring bike.

How to Measure a Road Bike Frame

  1. Measure from the Center of the Head Tube to the Bottom Bracket. This is your top tube length.
  2. Measure from the Center Point of the Top Tube to the Center Point of the Seat Post. This is your seat post length.
  3. Measure from the Center point of the Top Tube to where it meets the bottom bracket.

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In conclusion,use this road bike size chart to help you determine what size bike is right for you. Keep in mind the type of riding you’ll be doing, as well as your height and inseam measurements. With a little guidance, you’ll be able to find a road bike that will give you years of happy riding.