How To Break The Bead On A Fat Bike Tire

How To Break The Bead On A Fat Bike Tire: A Complete Solution

You’ve been riding your fat bike for a while now, and you’re starting to notice that your tires are getting harder and harder to break. You’ve been trying to break the bead on your fat bike tire for hours, and nothing seems to work.

This can be a frustrating experience, especially when you’re trying to ride your bike on a new track. Not only is it difficult to ride, but you also risk getting injured if you don’t install your tire properly.

This guide will help you break the bead on your fat bike tire in just a few easy steps.

  • First, make sure that you have the right tools and supplies.
  • Next, follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes.
  • And finally, use the right method to break the bead – be it a stabbing motion or a rolling motion.

The Bead: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

The bead is the edge of the tire that fits into the rim. It’s important because it helps to distribute pressure evenly across the tire and limits potential damage to your wheel. 

When you ride on a track, you need a fat bike tire that can handle lots of friction and stress – which means that you need a strong bead.

A weak or damaged bead can cause your tire to start flexing inwards, which will soon cause the tire to burst. This can lead to a dangerous fall, and even serious injury if you hit something while riding.

VIDEO: Breaking The Fat Tire Bead in 2 Ways ( Foot & Wood)

Breaking The Fat Tire Bead in 2 Ways ( Foot & Wood)

5 Steps of Breaking The Bead

How To Break The Bead On A Fat Bike Tire

How To Do It Without Damaging The Tire Or Rim? Follow the steps for breaking the bead:

Total Time 5 minutes

1. Deflate the tire completely

1 Deflate the tire completely

Deflate the tire completely before attempting to remove the bead – this will make the job much easier.

2. Use lever, put it between the bead and ri

Use Lever to put it between the bead and rim

If you have a lever, put it between the bead and rim, then push down with one or two levers at once while simultaneously pulling back on each side of the lever (towards yourself).

3. Use Your Hand If You Don’t Have a lever

Using hands to push down Fat Bike Tire

If you don’t have a lever, simply use your hands to push down on the bead and twist it off (away from the rim).

4. Pull the tire off

Pull the tire off of from the rim

Once the bead is off, lean against the wheel and pull the tire off of the rim (or discard it).

5. Replace The Tire

Replacing a fat bike tire

Replace inflated tires and enjoy your newfound freedom!

Tips For Breaking The Bead

here are a few more tips for breaking beads on a fat bike tire:

  • Use a bead breaker to remove the bead on the tire
  • Use a bead breaker that has a sharp end to break the bead easily
  • Apply pressure to the bead breaker while rotating it to break the bead
  • Slow down and keep your speed consistent
  • Don’t spin the tire too much

How Do You Take A Bike Tire Off The Rim Without Tools?

For taking a bike tire off the rim without tools follow these steps:

  1. Place your hands about 4 inches apart on the tire’s surface on one side. With your thumbs, push in and up. 
  2. Push the tire forward with your fingers until the tire wall comes over the rim’s edge.
  3. Using one hand to keep the tire wall on the outside of the rim, use the other to do the same in and up motion with the opposite hand where it is sitting on top of it.
  4. The tire will continue to wear off the rim on its own.
  5. You may put your fingers inside the tire wall and slide them over the remaining part of the captive tire when you’ve got a good section of the tire wall out.

Why Is My Bike Tire Not Coming Off?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • You may not have tightened the wheel enough
  • You may have overinflated the tire
  • The valve may be stuck open
  • You may have overinflated the tire
  • You may have used the wrong type of tire
  • You may have installed the tire improperly

How Do You Break A Tubeless Bead?

Break A Tubeless Bead
Break A Tubeless Bead

For most mountain/fat bike tubeless tires, the bead must be broken in order to get them to work correctly.

  • You will need a hammer and a screwdriver
  • Drive the screwdriver into the bead until it pops out
  • Hammer the screwdriver out until it’s flat
  • Replace the bead and repeat the process for the other side


Beads on a fat bike tire can be a real pain in the ass. So, if you’re ever in that position, don’t hesitate to reach for our guide on how to break the bead on a fat bike tire! It’s an easy task that will help you ride further and with less hassle. Keep checking back on our website for more helpful content like this!


How Do You Remove A Tight Fat Bike Tire?

If the bead on a fat bike tire is really tight, you may need to remove the valve core in order to get all of the air out of the tube. If that’s not possible, try using a rim strip and tube installed on the wheel as interference. Push them away from the inside bead, making it easier to break and remove tires.

How Do You Get A Stuck Tire Off A Bead?

– You need a tire iron to do this.
– Place the iron on the bead of the tire and start pushing down.
– The bead will start to pop off, and the tire can then be removed easily

How Do You Debead A Mountain Bike Tire?

To Debead a mountain bike tire, you will need a tire lever, a crescent wrench, and a spoke wrench.
– Start by removing the valve stem by unscrewing it
– Next, loosen the four spokes by turning the spoke wrench
– Once all the spokes are loose, use the tire lever to remove the entire tire

How Do You Break In A Harley Bead Tire?

– If the bead is in good condition, you can use a chisel to break it open
– If the bead is badly worn, you will need a special tire breaker
– You can also use a hammer and a prying tool to remove the bead

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