How Many Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Fat Bike Tire

How Many Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Fat Bike Tire? With Guide

Fat bikes are all the rage these days, and with good reason. They’re fun, versatile, and perfect for riding all over town. But what do you do if you run out of air or get flat?

Never fear – our experts have got you covered. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about filling your fat bike’s tires with CO2. We’ll also provide a list of the correct number of cartridges to fill your tire, based on the size of your bike and the type of tires you’re using. So if you’re ready to hit the trails, be sure to read on!

Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Normal Fat Bike Tire

In this table chart I will compare A 3.5 inches fat bike tire a model tire and a 12g,16g,25g, and 38g Co2 Cartridges with PSI Calculation for different sizes of wheel and ride conditions:

Tire size and conditionLow PSI High PSI 12g per cartridge16g cartridges25g cartridges38g cartridges
Fat bike Normal25-3040-5032.21.81
Heavy ride35-4550-553.22.51.81
lite ride30-4040-5032.41.61
How Many Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Normal Fat Bike Tire

Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Tubeless Fat Bike Tire

Tire size low psi High psi 12g per cartridge16g cartridges25g cartridges38g cartridges
26” 16-2040-5032.41.51
Fat bike Normal10-2030-4032.21.81
Heavy ride20-2550-553.22.51.81
lite ride16-2040-5032.41.61
Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Tubeless Fat Bike Tire

How Many Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Fat Bike Tire Video

Even with Fat Tire, a single 16g Co2 Cartridge can help you recover your fat tire to 4 PSI, allowing you to return home safely.

How Many Co2 Cartridges To Fill A Fat Bike Tire Video

What Is Co2 Cartridges

Co2 Cartridges
Co2 Cartridges

The definition of Co2 Cartridges is a cartridge filled with Co2 gas used to inflate a tire; the cartridge has a valve and must be attached to the tire using an inflator.

Co2 cartridges come in many shapes and sizes, but the type of cartridge you’ll need to fill your fat bike tire depends on the size of your tire and the type of tires you’re using.

CO2 Cartridge Sizes

  • CO2 cartridges come in sizes, typically 12g, 16g, 25g, or 38g.
  • The smaller ones are designed for filling tires up to about 90 PSI.
  • The larger ones are designed for filling tires up to 150+ PSI.

Types Of Co2 Cartridges

Types Of Co2 Cartridges
Types Of Co2 Cartridges

There are two common types of Co2 cartridges for bicycles: threaded and non-threaded.

Threaded cartridges: Threaded cartridges have threads included in their design so they can be screwed into the inflator head. This helps with the installation process of threaded cartridges as it is easier to screw them in place.

Non Threaded cartridges:  Non-threaded cartridges are inserted into the inflator head differently. They are pushed or pressed into the inflator head and then pierced.

Which Type of Co2 Cartridges is best?

Threaded cartridges are best for these reasons:

It is easier to install a threaded cartridge.
Threaded cartridges seal more tightly against the inflator head, preventing moisture from entering the cartridge and causing it to corrode.
Threaded cartridges last longer than non-threaded cartridges because they don’t wear down as easily over time.

How To Inflate Your Tire With A Co2 Cartridge 

What You Will Need:

  • Co2 cartridges
  • Co2 cartridge inflator
  • PSI check meter
How To Inflate Your Tire With A Co2 Cartridge 
How To Inflate Your Tire With A Co2 Cartridge 

Read this article about the dimensions of fat bike tires .

Five easy steps to inflate your tire with a co2 cartridge :

1. Remove the valve stem from the tire. This will allow you to inflate your tire with a CO2 cartridge inflator.

2. Attach a CO 2 cartridge to your CO2 inflator and screw the top on.

3. Attach the valve head with the inflator. Be sure not to over-tighten it! You don’t want to crack your inflator when you remove it later on.

4. Hold onto your tire while you press down on the CO2 inflator until it reaches pressure (approximately 35 PSI). Be careful not to over-inflate your tire! Over-inflation can cause structural damage, loss of air pressure, and even blowouts.

5. When the tire has reached pressure, release the CO2 inflator and unscrew the valve head. Be sure to recycle your used CO2 cartridges!

Tips For Inflating Your Tire:

Tips For Inflating Your Tire
Tips For Inflating Your Tire
  1. Use threaded Co2 cartridges inflator
  2. Put the right amount of air, and don’t overfill it.
  3. Cooldown your tire before inflating Co2 gas
  4. Always carry more than a cartridge.

Causes Of Flat Tire

Here is a list of common causes of flat tires:

  1. Road debris
  2. Thorn bushes
  3. Low tire pressure (too low or too fast)
  4. Pinching the tube by the wheel

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What Type Of Inflator Is Best For Fat Bikes?

What Type Of Inflator Is Best For Fat Bikes
Fat Bike Co2 Inflator

Multiple types of inflators are available for fat bikes, but Threaded cartridges offer several advantages: – They’re threaded on the side, providing more consistent and accurate inflation pressure. This prevents the fat bike from becoming unstable at high speeds, making it easier to control its movement.

  • Co2 cartridges are easy to replace and come in different sizes – so you can find one that’s right for your bike.
  • They produce more power than cartridges using other gases (like nitrogen or propane), which makes them ideal for powerful bikes that need extra air pressure.

So, if you’re looking for an inflator that can provide accurate and consistent air pressure while keeping your fat bike stable at high speeds, a Threaded cartridge is the best option.

What Are The Parts Of A Co2 Inflator?

Parts Of A Co2 Inflator
Parts Of A Co2 Inflator

A Co2 Inflator has two-part. The first one is the head or nozzle and another part is the cartridges. The inflator head or nozzle is the most important part of a Co2 inflation device.

It contains a small needle that punctures the tire to release gas. The cartridge holds all of the compressed CO2 and delivers it to your bike’s valves.

Can You Control The Flow Of The Gas?

Yes. It is possible to control the flow of gas using a CO2 inflator. The flow technology you choose will depend on your preference and the inflator head you have. Some options include push-to-inflate or trigger control.

Are Co2 Cartridges Feasible For Use On Fat Bike Tires?

According to StackExchange Bicycle Forum User Yes, they are feasible.

Yes, fat bike tires can accommodate Co2 cartridges. However, you’ll need to purchase an inflator specifically designed for fat bikes. Not all inflators are capable of providing the necessary pressure, and those that are may not be compatible with your specific tire size or width.


How much CO2 does your bicycle tire need?

A bicycle tire needs about 25-40 grams of CO2 per kilogram in order to provide the correct level of cushioning and traction. This figure will vary depending on the type of tire, weight, inflation pressure, riding conditions, and bike geometry.

Why do so many people prefer co2 over mini pumps?

– Co2 is cheaper than mini-pumps.
– Co2 is more efficient than mini-pumps.
– Co2 is easier to use than mini-pumps.
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the size of your

What size co2 cartridge is the best for my fat bike tire?

38-gram cartridges are the best option for fat bike tires, as they provide the correct amount of pressure and cushioning.


In this blog post, we aim to provide you with some helpful information on how many co2 cartridges to fill a fat bike tire. We hope that by providing you with this information, you will be able to better choose the right co2 cartridge for your fat bike.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

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