DIY Fat Bike Fender: 9 Steps Guide

Fat Biking has been all the rage these days. With the advent of new, lightweight, and powerful fat bikes, it seems like everyone wants to get one. However, most of the fat bike fenders available on the market today are either too expensive or have limitations that make them less than ideal for the task. The DIY Fat Bike Fender is a simple solution to this problem. It’s inexpensive, easy to build, and can be made in any size you need!

  1. Remove the Rear Wheel
  2. Wrap the Aluminum Bar
  3. Check the Measurement
  4. Drill Some Holes
  5. Attach the Rear Fender
  6. Put the Rear Wheel Back in Place
  7. Attach Some Wire
  8. Attach the Front Fender
  9. Final Touch

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Is DIY Fat Bike Fender Costly?

Why are you thinking about the cost? Making DIY fat bike fenders is not costly at all. It requires around $15-20 only.

You can easily make it yourself. For the other parts of your bike, I would suggest that you buy some from a local shop rather than making them. You will be able to get better quality at a lower price.  If you really want to do this, then go ahead and do it.

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What Are Benefits Of DIY Fat Bike Fender

  • Easy to Install
  • Lower Cost
  • Time saving
  • Made of High Quality Material

If you’re riding in conditions where there’s snow or mud, your tires are likely covered with mud or snow. That’s going to slow your bike down, which could mean trouble if you’re off-road.

Bikes are the best way to get where you want to go. To keep them safe and out of harm’s way, it’s important to have a good set of fenders.

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How Do You Make A Homemade Bike Fender?

Mudguards and fenders for your fat bike need to be made out of material. They must have a bare minimum of these things in them to work correctly. You will find all of them in a local hardware store

Aluminum flat bars2 pieces48” length, width dependent on the size of the tires
Allen head bolts6 piecesSize 5mm
Flat washers 6  pieces Size 12mm
Bolt 6 piecesSize 2″
Cable clamps4 piecesSize 1/16”
L1 Pieces Angle bracket 
Utility wire10-15 Feet N/A 

Tools You Need For DIY Fat Bike Fenders

Some basic tools are needed to pull off this DIY fat bike fender. If there is no tool available in your home and nobody lend you one, try to rent them at a local hardware store. It does not cost much. You can buy one from E-commerce websites. Here are some suggestions:

How to Make DIY Fat Bike Fender – Step By Step

Once everything has been purchased and the materials assembled, it’s time to get to work. There are different parts of the project, and getting them right may take some tweaking at first. Most people will get something that works, and that is beneficial in the end.

Step 1: Remove the Rear Wheel

 Remove the Rear Wheel
Remove the Rear Wheel

The first step is to remove the wheels. The wheel is a perfect guide to shape the fender. Starting from the rear wheel would be a great choice for you.

Step 2: Wrap the Aluminum Bar

Wrap the Aluminum Bar
Wrap the Aluminum Bar

It’s time to wrap the aluminum flat bars around the rim of the tire. Once this is done, run the aluminum bar back-and-forth on a surface to get the curve as you want. Bend both of the aluminum flat bar with same curvature.

Step 3: Check the Measurement

Check the Measurement
Check the Measurement
  • If you are doing right, rear fender should cover half of the wheel. The length of the rear fender is about forty eight inches for the biggest tire. There is a need to remove some length if the tires are smaller. 
  • Only a quarter part of the tire needs are covered for the front fender. If you want to get an exact measurement, simply cut an bent aluminum bar into half for the front.

Step 4: Drill Some Holes

Drill Some Holes
Drill Some Holes
  • First, Drill a mounting hole for the chain stay bracket. Then, mount under the center of the seat stay. It allows enough clearance over the tire.
  • There should be a hole in the front fender and the crown of the fork.

Step 5: Attach the Rear Fender

Attach the Rear Fender
Attach the Rear Fender

It’s pretty easy to create the fenders, but they must be attached. The rear fender is considered the more difficult, but it does not take that much time as long as you know a general idea of what you are doing.

Attach the rear fender using 5mm Allen head bolts and flat washers on both of the mounts.

Step 6: Put the Rear Wheel Back in Place

 Put the Rear Wheel Back in Place
Put the Rear Wheel Back in Place

After installing the rear fender, put the rear wheel back in position. This should be easy as drinking water.

Step 7: Attach Some Wire

 Attach Some Wire
Attach Some Wire

Attach wires to the rear fender using a clamp. A thicker wire results in better. The wire should looks ‘U’ shaped around the fender.

Be careful, the wire should not touch other components except bolts and fender.

Step 8: Attach the Front Fender

Attach the Front Fender
Attach the Front Fender

Attach bolts and washers on both of the mounts of front fender and crown of the fork as Step 5.

Attach some utility wire to tie the front fender with crown of the fork.

Step 9: Final Touch

It’s time to personalize. You can use your favorite color on the fender. The fatbike fender designs are ready to go.

If you want to take some of the shine off, you can run some sandpaper over the surface. It will have a bit more of a brushed look.

Your fat bike fender is ready. Isn’t that great? 

Consider This Things For DIY Fat Bike Fenders


If you do it correctly, you will get great value. The materials used here are better than cheaper materials.

Effectiveness & Time


If you are a faster worker, you can make one in an hour. If you have no experience, it will take up to three hours to make a fat bike fender.

The Last Line

There is no alternative to installing a set of fat bike fender if you want to keep your bike clean and dry while you are out riding on rough dirt and snow.

Nothing will get through the fender to reach you or your vehicle. We have provided a number of suggestions to help you choose the best products. You are free to pick and choose what you want.


Can You Turn A Normal Bike Into A Fat Bike?

You’d need to lace fat bike hubs to normal width rims, but that’s no big deal. The problem will come from the girth of fat bike tires. Recommendation for you not to convert a normal bike into a fat bike.

How Do You Make Homemade Mudguards?

Go throw all the three steps carefully. Then make a nice mudguard for your bike at home.

What Are Bike Fenders Made Of?

Bike fenders can be made of plastic, metal, carbon fiber and even wood.

What Are The Lightweight Materials For Bike Fender?

Aluminum, carbon fiber etc. are lightweight materials for DIY fat bike fenders.

Can I Use Scrap Material For Bike Fender?

Yes. You can use scrap material like plastic for your own DIY fat bike fender.

How Do You Attach A Fender To A Bike?

Go throw all the three steps carefully.

Can Fenders Be Added To A Bike?

Yes. Fenders can be added to a bike.

Can You Put A Fat Tire On A Regular Bike?

No. You can’t put a fat tire on a regular bike.

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