How Often To Lube Bike Chain? Ultimate Guide in 2022

When it comes to bike chain maintenance, it’s important to keep your chain lubed regularly. This will help your bike stay lubricated and running smoothly, but it will also help prevent wear and tear on the gears and other components.

The bike chain lube should be applied at least every month or every 150-200 miles (240 km -320 km).

That said, how often you should lube your bike chain depends on a lot of different factors, including riding conditions, the type of lube you use, and the weather.

In wet conditions in muddy weather, you will have to take more care of your bike chain than on warm dry spring days riding on the bike. Generally speaking though, it is always good to lubricate your bike chain monthly at the very least!

Lubrication Frequency For Bicycle:

How Often To Lube Bike Chain-Lubrication Frequency
How Often To Lube Bike Chain-Lubrication Frequency
  • If you ride regularly: lubricating your bike twice a month is fine.
  • If you ride infrequently: Lube your chain before you ride, and then again after you’re done.
  • In wet weather: Lube your chain more frequently to prevent rusting.
  • In dry weather: Lube your chain after 100 miles of riding.

Benefits of Bike Lube

Benefits of Bike Lube
Benefits of Bike Lube
  • It helps in preventing rusting and corrosion.
  • It keeps your gears running smoothly, reduced the flexibility of chain links and protects them from wear and tear.
  • It also improves the lifespan of your bike chain.
  • it helps prevent the chain from making noise and also Prevents the bike from slipping on wet surfaces.
  • It reduces friction and makes cycling smooth
  • It protects your bike’s gears and other moving parts.
  • It is also effective in keeping your bike clean.
  • It makes your bike more accessible and easier to ride.

Get Optimal Performance

Keep your bike chain moving smoothly and efficiently with regular lube tins. By ensuring that your chain is lubricated at the right intervals, you can prevent it from becoming rustled or clogged, and enjoy optimal performance all the time.

Not to mention, this prevents the build-up of dirt and other debris, which can lead to premature wear and tear of your chain. Keep a tin of lubricant handy at all times, and you’ll be able to ride worry-free!

Types of Lube:

There are two types of lubes:

  • Wet lube
  • Dry lube

Wet lubricant:

Finish Line Wet Bike Lubricant
Wet Lubricant

Lubing the chain is always a good idea, but you will need to lube it more frequently in wet weather. Wet lube is an all-weather lube that performs best when riding in wet weather in wet conditions. It resists water and keeps your chain lubricated because it is thicker than dry lube.

Wet lube attracts additional dust and dirt and necessitates frequent cleaning and reapplication. Wet lube can be applied to the chain, gears, and derailleurs to make them more responsive and easy to shift.

Dry lubricant:

Finish Line Dry Bike Lubricant with Teflon
Dry Bike Lubricant

Dry lube is the best type for dry conditions. It does not absorb water and does not require cleaning or reapplication in wet weather. Dry lubricant lubricates chains, gears, derailleurs, chainrings, and wheel bearings equally well in wet or dry conditions. Dry lube is also less likely to attract dirt and dust than wet lube.

Should I use wet lube or dry lube? 

This depends on the conditions you’re riding in. In wet weather, use wet lube because it lubricates better and helps prevent rusting. When riding in dry weather, use dry lube because it lasts longer and is less messy.

What about WD40?

WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube
WD-40 Lube

WD40 chain lubricant is specifically formulated to provide long-lasting protection and performance for your bike chain. WD40 dry chain lubricant penetrates deep into the inner chain, pins, roller, and bushings, so it’s the ideal solution whether you’re using wet or dry conditions.

How Much Lube to Use on Bike Chain?

Apply an even amount of lube to the chain, ensuring that all moving parts have been lubricated. Wiping off after application will help to reduce the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Proper lubrication of your bicycle chain will help it to operate properly and also protect the rest of the drivetrain, including the derailleurs, crankset, and rear-wheel gear assembly, from additional wear. proper lubrication is essential to have it functioning correctly.

Why Your Bike Chain Needs Lubricant?

Why Your Bike Chain Needs Lubricant
Why Your Bike Chain Needs Lubricant

The chain on a bike needs lubricant because it is constantly running and losing lubrication as time goes on. Lubricant protects the chain from rusting, helps it to move smoothly, and keeps it in good condition.

Your bike chain should be cleaned regularly (at least once a month) with lube to keep the linkages smooth and free of dirt, mud, and other debris. Bike chains can also wear out quickly if they are not properly lubricated – so make sure to lubricate your bike chain every time you clean it!

What Does A Lubricant Do?

A lubricant provides a smooth surface for the chain to move on and keeps it clean. The lubricant also helps reduce friction, making it easier for the bike chain to transmit power from your pedal to the wheel. Lubricant is key to keeping your bike chain in good condition.

What to Do Before You Lubricate the Bike Chain

Before lubricating the bike chain, clean all equipment with a degreaser. Make sure to remove any dirt, rust, or other debris that may have accumulated on the chain. Wipe down all moving parts of the bike, including the chain, gears, derailleurs, cassette cogs, and chainrings.

Do I need to lube the new bike chain?

There is no need to lube the new bike chain – it should stay lubricated by the oil that is already inside the chain. However, if the chain feels “sticky,” you can add a small amount of lubricant to the chain if you so choose.


It’s time to lube up your bike chain! By following our guide, you’ll be able to do it effectively and without any fuss. Not only will this help keep your bike running smoothly, but it will also extend the life of your chain by preventing rust and corrosion. Keep lubing up your chain on a regular basis and see the amazing results for yourself!


Should I Lube My Chain After Every Ride?

There is no need to lube your chain every time you ride. If the chain feels “sticky,” you can add a small amount of lubricant to help reduce friction.

Do you need to clean the chain before lubing?

chain cleaning is always recommended before applying lube, to get the most effective lubrication.

How Do I Know If My Bike Chain Needs Lube?

if the chain feels “sticking” add lubricant to the chain before riding

Can You Over Lube A Bike Chain?

Over lube, a bike chain can cause it to break down more quickly and may even result in a crash. So, be sure to use the right amount of lube.

What Happens If You Don’t Lube Your Bike Chain?

If you don’t lube your bike chain, it can wear down more quickly and cause problems such as a chain break.

Should You Lube Your Chain After Washing Your Bike?

It is always a good idea to lube your bike chain after washing it.

WD-40 lube is a good lubricant for chain drive bikes because it does not attract dirt and grime as other lubricants do, so you can use wd40 lube.

A bottle of Motul 400ml Chain Spray should last approximately 5000 kilometers if you lubricate your bike every 500 kilometers.

Edible oils should not be used as lubricants on bike chains because they can attract dirt and grime.

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