How To Measure Hybrid Bike Frame Size – Chart & Guideline

Hybrid bikes are a popular choice for bike enthusiasts. They offer the best of both worlds with features from mountain and road bikes all in one package. But how do you know which hybrid frame size to choose? While there is no definite answer, here’s a chart and guideline that will help you measure your hybrid bike frame size correctly!

How To Measure Hybrid Bike Frame Size

Hybrid Bike Size Chart For Men & Women

Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart (Men)

The chart shows the hybrid bike frame size chart inches

Bike Frame Size Frame Range Height Inseam length
Hybrid Bike 14 Inch Frame
Hybrid Bike 15 Inch Frame
13 – 15 inches
Sizing: XS 
4’11″–5’3″ 25”–27”
Hybrid Bike 16 Inch Frame
Hybrid Bike 17 Inch Frame
15 – 17 inches
Sizing: S 
5’3″–5’7″ 27″–29″
Hybrid Bike 18 Inch Frame
Hybrid Bike 19 Inch Frame
17 – 19 inches
Sizing: M
5’7″–5’11” 29″–31″
Hybrid Bike 20 Inch Frame
Hybrid Bike 21 Inch Frame
19 – 21 inches
Sizing: L
5’11″–6’2″ 31″–33″
Hybrid Bike 22 Inch Frame
Hybrid Bike 23 Inch Frame
21 – 23 inches
Sizing: XL
6’2″–6’4″ 33″–35″
Hybrid Bike 23 Inch + 23 inches +
Sizing: XXL
6’4″ + 35″ +

We recommend the following dimensions for your height in order to choose a bike that is perfect for you! Here’s how it works: if your height falls between two sizes then go with the smaller of them. For example if you are between a size M and L, we recommend going with the smaller size.

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Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart -Men
Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart -Men
  • 17.5 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 150cm
  • 18.0 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 155 cm 
  • 19.0 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 160 cm 
  • 17.5 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 150cm
  • 18.0 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 155 cm 
  • 19.0 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 160 cm 
  • 20.0 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 165 cm
  • 21.0 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 170 cm
  • 22.0 hybrid bike  frame fits: people with a height of about 175 cm
  • 23.0 hybrid bike frame fits: people with a height of about 180cm
  • custom Sized hybrid bike frame: people with a height of about 185 cm
  • space clearance above the head is at least 25cm for safety reasons.

Women Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart

Women Height InchesWomen Height CentimetresFrame SizeInchesSizing ManufacturersName
4’10” – 5’2″148cm – 158cm13″ – 14″Hybrid Bike X-Small  Frame
5’2″” – 5’6″”158cm – 168cm15″ – 16″Hybrid Bike Small Frame
5’6″ – 5′ 10″168cm – 178cm17″ – 18″Hybrid Bike Medium Frame
5’10” – 6’1″178cm – 185cm19″+Hybrid Bike Large Frame
Women hybrid bike frame size chart

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Women Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart
Women Hybrid Bike Frame Size
  • women’s hybrid bike 15 inch frame:  for all woman with a height of about 160 cm 
  • women’s hybrid bike 17 inch frame: for women with a height of about 165 cm.
  • ladies hybrid bike 18 inch frame:  for people with a height of about 150cm
  • ladies hybrid bike 20 inch frame: for people with a height of about 160 cm.

How To Measure Hybrid Bike Frame Size?

The first step in measuring hybrid bike frame size is to find the rider’s height. Stand with your back against a wall and place a yardstick on top of your head as shown below:

Measure from the end of the yardstick where it meets the floor to get an accurate reading for how tall you are without shoes (in inches).

Next, measure around your chest at its widest part — usually just under or right about breast level. To do this, wrap one tape measure snugly but not tight around the body at that point and then lay out another tape measure next to it, so they form equal lengths!

Record this measurement in inches which will be our torso circumference measurement according to Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart.

How To Measure Hybrid Bike Frame Size
How To Measure Hybrid Bike Frame Size

Now we use another tape measure to find the distance around this point.

Measure from the ground to your chest, this is how tall you are without shoes. Add these two numbers together-the one with shoes and the one without them on. This will be our total height measurement according to Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart.

Now that we have a series of measurements, let’s find out what size hybrid bike frame we need! We will provide chart for you so that all the measurements can be converted into inches, centimeters and frame sizes according to Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart.

Remember: if there isn’t an exact match then pick the next shortest number regardless of whether its shorter than us by inches or centimeters as they all mean different things when it comes to bicycle sizes!

Which Size Hybrid Bike Do I Need?

To find out the right size for your hybrid bike frame, you will need to measure your height and inside leg length. Use the manufacturer’s sizing chart to see which size is recommended for you. It is important to remember that all of this information is a guide only.

Which Size Hybrid Bike Do I Need
Which Size Hybrid Bike Do I Need

If you’re looking to buy a new bike, it’s important that the frame size matches up with your height. The best way to work out which one is right for you is by measuring from where the saddle sits on its rails (known as top tube length) .

You want this measurement to be about 42cm and if it falls between 41-43cm then choose the smaller sized hybrid because anything shorter than 41cm will feel too small while 43+ cm feels too long.

A good rule of thumb when thinking about how much clearance there should be above your head is at least 25 centimeters of space in order for things like helmets not to get caught on handlebars or spokes during accidents.

I’m Between Sizes – Which Hybrid Bike Size Should I Choose

If you are between sizes, then the best thing to do is buy a bike that has an adjustable seat height. This will allow you to adjust your saddle so that it’s at an optimum position for you.

For example: if someone says they are “five feet and four inches tall,” this would be equal to 69” – which could mean either a 16 inch (XS) or 18 inch (SM) frame size.

Which Hybrid Bike Size Should I Choose
Which Hybrid Bike Size Should I Choose

People of a “Medium” height (between five feet and five foot, six inches) are usually comfortable on an 18 inch frame. If you’re between sizes, the best option is to buy a bike that has adjustable seat heights. This will allow you to adjust your saddle so it’s at an optimum position for you! For example: someone who measures 68″ would be looking for either an 18″ or 20″ frame size – depending on personal preference.

Manufacturers often list bike frame sizes in inches or centimeters. If a manufacturer lists their bikes as “small” and “large,” they are usually referring to the size of the frame, not its corresponding height range.

Expensive frames will almost always correspond with an L (size large) designation, while cheaper ones are more likely to be M-sized (medium).

As always, if there isn’t any information about how tall they are in their sizing guide/chart then we recommend going with one size up from what feels most comfortable to ride like when comparing two bikes with different-sized frames but similar overall fit (size).

Hybrid Bike Frame Materials

The most common frame material on the market is aluminum, which can be found both as a single tube or in that of an alloys. However these frames are heavy and not known for being very strong so they’re typically paired with something more durable like steel.

Hybrid Bike Frame Materials
Hybrid Bike Frame Materials

An alternative would be carbon fiber hybrid bikes featuring lightweight frame materials like titanium which provide plenty of stiffness while still weighing less than what you’d find on traditional aluminum setups . Check out best hybrid bike brands.

Carbon Fiber Hybrid Bike Frame

Carbon fiber is a material that has been used in bicycle frames for the past twenty years. The advantage of carbon fiber is its lightweight and stiffness, qualities which serve to reduce a rider’s fatigue on long rides.

Carbon fiber has been used by professional cyclists since 1992 (and since 2000 among amateur riders) but its use was limited due to its high cost relative to other materials like aluminum, steel, and titanium; however more recently there have been innovations in manufacturing which now allow the price point for these frames to come down significantly without sacrificing any of the qualities that make carbon fiber so desirable.

Aluminium Hybrid Bike Frame

Aluminium or aluminum alloys have also been utilized as bike frame materials since the 90’s due to their affordability and durability. Aluminum alloy bikes are usually heavier than ones made from other metals but they can be less expensive if you buy one secondhand.

Steel Hybrid Bike Frame

Steel remains popular among cyclists because it offers excellent strength at an affordable price point thanks to low production costs versus more exotic materials like titanium or aluminium. Although steel doesn’t provide much inherent damping when compared to carbon fiber, steel frames can be customized with different types of damping such as elastomers or oil.

Titanium Hybrid Bike Frame

Titanium is a popular choice for bike builders because it provides the characteristics that are most highly desired in bikes: light weight and high strength to withstand damage from rough terrain. However titanium is an expensive metal so usually only pros ride on this type of frame material exclusively.

Hybrid Bike Frame Weight

The weight of a hybrid bike frame is also something that you should consider. A heavier hybrid bike may be more durable than one made with lighter materials, but it will not feel as comfortable to ride in and can cause issues for those who have joint or muscle problems from other ailments such as arthritis.

If your goal is simply to get some exercise then the extra weight shouldn’t matter too much since you won’t need to pedal hard- just keep an eye on how long you’re riding each day so don’t overdo it!

Light Frame Hybrid Bike

If you’re looking for a lightweight hybrid bike frame, then there are many options to choose from. These frames may not be as durable and will typically cost more than other models because they are made with better materials such as carbon fiber or titanium which make them lighter yet stronger.

Another option is an aluminium frame- these have the best of both worlds in that they aren’t too heavy but also offer plenty of durability when it comes to taking abuse on rough terrain like rocky trails or paths where stones poke up here and there. The only downside is that the material can dent easily if you run into something so keep this in mind before choosing one for your next ride!

Hybrid Bike Size Calculator

In order to measure the appropriate size bike for your height, you’ll need a measuring tape and pen or pencil. Stand with one foot next to the other as if you’re sitting on an imaginary bicycle seat, then place your hands on top of the handlebars. Your fingers should touch each side at this point.

Hybrid Bike Size Calculator
Hybrid Bike Size Calculator

From here, take measurements by either adding them together (in inches) or multiplying them which is more accurate. Correct frame size for hybrid bikes is determined by two things: how tall the rider is, and their arm span.

The basic formula is as follows:

Measured height + measured arm span = correct frame size.

This will give you the approximate frame size that corresponds with how tall you are!

So if a rider is 72 inches tall with an arm span of 36 inches, their correct frame size would be 18-20 inches (72+36=108; 108 divided by two equals 54). The bike should touch the top of your head and the middle to upper part of your back. If you’re between sizes, it’s best to go for the larger frame because smaller frames will place more pressure on wrists and hands which can cause pain or discomfort after long rides.


The bike frame size determines the height, and therefore riding position of the rider. This is so important because it affects not only how you feel on your bike but also your ability to reach all parts of your body when cycling. Your hybrid bicycle should fit correctly in order for you to have maximum control while biking. If this sounds like something that may be relevant to you,I highly recommend you read on to learn how to measure hybrid bike frame size.


What size bicycle is right for my height?

The average person should buy a bike that is at least 30 cm longer than their height. This will give them enough room to comfortably ride and still have some growing room as well. To get the right frame size, you need to measure from under your seat all the way down to the ground when sitting on it with both feet touching the pedals .

What frame size do i need for a hybrid bike

This article is about how to measure hybrid bike frame size and we have also given some guidelines. please visit the page for more information on this topic.

How do you measure frame size of a bike?

It is important to get the right dimension when buying a new bicycle because if there are too many inches difference, then it will be difficult. The height of the bike is measured from the ground to under the seat. This measurement is called reach, and it can mean a lot when with the other measurements.

How big is a 22.5 inch bike?

A 22.0″ bike measures about 16 inches from the seat to the ground with a wheel in front of it, and 18-20 inches around its widest point on either side.

How do you fit a hybrid bike?

The best way to fit a hybrid bike is to measure the distance from your seat post up to the top bar. If the distance is not to your liking, you may want to consider a different type of bike.

Are frame sizes different for women-specific hybrid bikes?

Some companies produce women-specific bikes that have smaller frame sizes, but the differences are very minor. The only difference is the bar measurements which will be shorter and closer to the rider’s body, making them more comfortable for women riders with shorter arms.

How are hybrid bikes sized?

Hybrid bikes are sized by the wheel size. The most popular sizes are 700c and 27″, but there are a variety of other sizes to choose from as well.


How to Choose The Correct Bike Size

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