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  1. Thanks for the useful information. I am now able to successfully adjust and lift the handlebars of my daughter’s bike. Hopefully, this will make its ride more comfortable and safer.

    1. I have successfully applied to my daughter’s bike with very simple steps: First, remove the hub bolt or nut a few turns. In the next step, you need to pull the handlebars of the bike up meticulously until your child has the desired height to use. Align the handlebars to ensure proper orientation, especially since the bike pedal may have gone sideways during the first process. The next thing that you should align the handlebars with is the saddle. Note that the handlebars can be above, level with, or just below the saddle. If the saddle is already in place, make sure the handlebars are slightly below or equal to the height of the saddle. And finally, squeeze the steering wheel and get the job done.

  2. Just check if your type of handlebar is sporting a threadless or threaded headset stem., You should be able to freely raise the handlebars, whether on a specialized mountain bike, road bike, and even a child’s bike, whether it’s an Apollo bike or any other brand.

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