What Size Road Bike Do I Need? Ultimate Guide

Cycling is one of the most popular sports that almost everyone enjoys from kids to adults. Not only is it fun to ride a bicycle but it is also proven to make one’s body healthier. Cycling keeps your blood flowing and makes you sweat which is great to balance your body and reduce weight so you can stay fit for a long period of time. In order to fully enjoy riding a bicycle, you must have a perfect bike of your size that fits you. This is why we are writing this article to inform you about the question  “What size road bike do I need”?

What Size Road Bike Do I Need?

If you wish to know which road bike would fit you perfectly then you first must know your height. According to your height, we can tell what size frame would suit you the best. If you are a person with a medium height then you should go with a 54 cm bike which would be great. If it seems to be a large bike for your size then you can go ahead and choose from a smaller size. Below is the table for both men’s and women’s size charts. 

Road Bike Size Chart for Men

Your HeightFrame Size
Feet In CMIn CMBike size
4’10” – 5′148 – 152 cm47 – 48 cmXXS
5′ – 5’3″152 – 160 cm49 – 50 cmXS
5’3″ – 5’6″160 – 168 cm51 – 53 cmS
5’6″ – 5’9″168 – 175 cm54 – 55 cmM
5’9″ – 6′175 – 183 cm56 – 58 cmL
6′-6’3″183 – 191 cm58 – 60 cmXL
6’3″ – 6’6″191 – 198 cm61 – 63 cmXXL
Road Bike Size Chart for Men

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What Size Road Bike for a 6-foot man?

Before buying a road bike, a question pops up in almost everyone’s head ‘What size road bike do I need’. This question causes a lot of anxiety for some people because they don’t know how to end up getting the best size of bike for themselves. We will take an example of a 6-foot man. A frame size of 58-60 will work out fine for a man with a height of 6ft to 6ft 3 inches. 

What Size Road Bike Frame Do I Need?

If you want to keep riding your bike while being healthy then you must choose the perfect road-size bike frame. A perfect fit frame size of a road bike will help protect your back and also leg muscles. Different bodies require different frame sizes. Adults will require a different frame size than children and the same goes for different weight sizes. 

Frame Size According to Individual Height

Individual’ HeightFrame Size
5’6 Man54-56cm
5’11 Man56-58cm
6’1 Man58-60cm
6’3 Man61-63cm
6’4 Man61-63cm
5’3 Woman155-160cm
5’4 Woman160-165cm

You can calculate the frame size you need with some math. Considering you have a mountain bike, in order to calculate frame size, you must multiply your inseam length by 0.225. This will give us seat tube length. Moving on, calculate the frame size of a road bike by calculating the inseam length by 0.665. This will give us the tube length. You can now calculate the frame sizes of other bikes and choose which one suits you the best. It is not an easy process which is why professionals at the bike shops are there to help you.

Bikes of Different Sizes

Bike NamePrice 
6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle LargeCheck here$299.99
Kent International Comfort-bicycle with Dual Suspension 26 inches, LargeCheck
Zizzo Forte Heavy duty Folding Bike, 20 Inch bike with folding fenders, 300lbs weight limitCheck here$479.99
Schwinn Cruiser Bicycle Huron adult cruiser 17-inch MediumCheck here
Schwinn Cruiser Miko Adult Cruiser Bike Frame 17-inch MediumCheck here$339.99 – $776.46
Schwinn Bonafide men’s Bike, 29-inch wheels, 17-inch frame, MediumCheck here

Road Bike Size Chart for Women

Height CMFrame SizeBike Size
4’10” – 5’1″147cm – 155cm44cm – 46cmXX-Small
5’1″ – 5’3″155cm – 160cm47cm – 49cmX- Small
5’3″ – 5’5″160cm – 165cm50cm – 52cmS- Small
5’5″ – 5’8″165cm – 172cm53cm – 55cmM- Medium
5’8″ – 5’10”172cm – 180cm56cm – 57cmL- Large
Road Bike Size Chart for Women

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What Size Road Bike Do I Need For My Height? 

What Size Road Bike Do I Need For My Height 

Should You Only follow The Size Guidelines Set by the Manufacturers?

No, you do not have to. It might seem like the most sensible thing to check your measurements according to the guidelines set by the manufacturers but we do not recommend that. It is simply because taking your measures by yourself is better. It is not a complex process all you need is a measuring tape and a piece of paper to record your measurements on. 

This is important, firstly, because our sizes tend to change so you should be as natural with your measurements as you can be. Furthermore, every individual has their own separate needs for instance you may wish to have a bigger seat or bigger pedals. This is why you must take your own measurements. 

Traditional Bicycle Frame

A traditional bicycle frame features a tube that is somewhat downward. It has a taller head with horizontal dropouts. Traditional bicycle frames are still popular because of the strong materials it is usually made of. Titanium, Aluminum and steel are what these frames are mostly made of. Aluminum and Titanium are lightweight while steel is strong. Titanium is also more expensive than steel and aluminum.

In modern times, people have incorporated new technologies in these frames however its triangle like structure remains the same. Keep in mind that different kinds of bikes have different frames. For instance a mountain bike will have its own frame and the same applies to road bikes etc. 

Compact & Semi-Compact Bicycle Frames

Compact and semi-compact bicycle frames are made from materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, steel etc. These materials have different effects on the weight and comfort of the frame. Both of these frames were introduced in the late 1990s. 

A compact frame has a rigid structure as there is a sloping top tube which presents a smaller frame size. These frames are mostly used for road bikes or for riders who like the upright position. A semi-compact bicycle frame has a little less slope on the top tube. It gives a traditional effect while also giving a smaller frame size.

How do I know my size for a road bike?

If you wish to know the perfect size for your ro bike, then you must know your height. Take an inch tape and measure the length of your inseam. Now, multiply it by two inches to get the answer. Let’s take an example, imagine your inseam is 34 inches long this states that you are 6 feet tall. According to the size you have got, then a 52 cm frame would fit you and your bike perfectly. 

Should I size up or down for a road bike?

It all depends on your experience with road bikes. If you have started riding a bike then you must go with a bike of small size so you can learn at a small pace and in a better way. This does not mean that experienced cyclists do not use small frames. There are many pros who prefer small bikes because it can give them an aerodynamic position. On the other hand, if you have been riding road bikes for a while and have gotten comfortable with the frame and size then you should continue using the regular size so it stays comfortable for you. 

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How to calculate your ape index?

Ape Index is the measurement of the ratio of a person’s arm in contrast with their height. In order to calculate your ape index, you need to know certain measurements first. One of them is your height measurement. 

  • Stand next to a long wall and use a pen to leave a mark.
  • Make sure to stand straight with you back straight and flat against the wall. 
  • Now, measure your height from the floor to the mark you have made on the wall. 

Next task is to measure your wingspan. You may ask for someone’s help in this. 

  • Make sure to stand up tall and straight.
  • You have to expand your arms for this one so it is parallel to the floor.
  • From fingertip to fingertip, measure the length. 

Lastly, the formula used to calculate ape index is:

Ape Index= W / H

What is stack height and how do I measure it?

Stack height is one of the most important measurements that helps you in choosing the right bike for you. Stack height is considered the vertical height in between the bottom bracket and the top of the head tube. It is a popular term in the bicycle industry as this exact height can have an impact on the comfortability of the bike. To measure this, you need an inch of tape or a measuring ruler.

  • Place your bike on a level surface.
  • Make sure it stays in place and does not move for you to properly measure.
  • Measure the vertical height in between bottom bracket to top of head tube.
  • Write your measurements down. You can record it in inches or in millimeters.

What if i get my bike size wrong?

It is possible that you accidentally bought an ill-fitted bike for yourself. You should consider solving these issues or else you will get cramps and bad back pains. However, it is not a big deal and you don’t have to waste your money to get a new bike. Firstly, you can adjust your seat height and handlebars. You can replace heavy components of the bike with lighter ones. The last resort can be a quick exchange. You can get a smaller bike according to your height and frame size.

How bike weight impacts your ride?

Bike Weight has a lot of impact on the rider. For instance, imagine a scenario where you end up getting a heavier bike while you are a beginner. Would you be able to handle such a heavy bike on the road? 

A light bike asks for less effort to ride than a heavier bike. That is why many people look for light weight bikes and are willing to spend money on them. You don’t always have to buy a lightweight bike because you can also reduce the weight of the bike. 

  • Replacement of heavier components with lighter ones. This will effectively lessen the weight of your bike. 
  • Choose bikes made of carbon fiber rather than steel. Steel is durable but it is also strong and heavy. 

Are frame sizes different for women-specific road bikes?

Yes, frame sizes can be different for women-specific road bikes. Women Specific road bikes have smaller frames. There is a small distance between the seat tube and the handlebars. It includes shorter tubes and chain stays. It can’t be said that every woman fits into these specific road bikes because body sizes are different but generally women’s bikes have smaller frames. The frame size for women bikes are different from the regular bikes. The frame sizes are visibly affected by the riding style of the woman and also the height of women.


In this article, we have discussed the importance of the size of the road bikes and gave a detailed answer to the question “what size road bike do I need”. We have highlighted different kinds of bike frames and how it can have an effect on the rider. We have also mentioned road bike size charts for both men and women so you can have an appropriate idea about your size before you go ahead and purchase a road bike. We hope that this article will further accelerate your understanding of road bikes and the importance of size. 


What Size Bike Frame Do I Need For My Height?

For this, you have to check the size chart and match your height to the bike frame size available on the chart. Remember to measure your size by yourself and choose the frame according to it.

What Size Bike Should A 5’6 Woman Ride?

A woman with a size of 5’6 would go with a 24″ frame.

What Size Bike Should A 5’10 Man Ride?

A man with a size of 5’10 would go with a frame size 18”.

What size road bike do I need for my height?

In order to find this out, you must measure your height and then check the frame size road bike chart. By checking these two you can find out the perfect size of road bike according to your height. 

How to Choose The Correct Bike Size

What Size Road Bike Do I Need

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